• $1,179.00 – Summer program

Please call the office to book additional nights 307-367-6373

Outdoor Summer camp for Teens

With Christine Olson, Jessica Olson and Michael Bauman

August 4 - 10, 2019

This is a once in a life time opportunity to give to your teens!

We will be learning cooking skills, how to fish, and horseback ride. Plus learn how to use a variety of boats ( motor and non motorized).

Together we can explore nature and see wild animals and sleep under the stars as well as roast marshmallows over the fire!

This will be a time of laughter and lifetime friendships.

Who says that money can’t buy you happiness? When you invest in the growth of your child, then happiness is what you will receive!


Christine Olson
Born and raised in Oregon. Over 40 years riding horses. Mother of 4 and enjoys being outdoors
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Jessica Olson
Jessica is born and raised in Oregon in the Willamette Valley.  Her passions include riding and training horses.  She has gained a lot of experience during her past 7 years of being with horses.  She also loves photography, cooking, camping, hunting and exploring.  You will see her in all different…
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Michael Bauman
Michael Bauman was raised in Missouri and outfitted in Wyoming and New Mexico.  His experience is diversified including commercial hunting, wildlife management and consulting, as well as many years in corporate banking.  his experience in the recreational world is vast and varies from managing upscale lodges, dude ranches, and wilderness…
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