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Lion of Judah Christian Agape

With Debra Thompson, Darryl Thompson, Donell Thompson Garcia, Loleen Denny and Louanna Esquivel

July 1 - 3, 2019

Going Deep Into the Crystal Clear Living Water

Come and join us for


You will enjoy the presence of our Lord and the Power of the Holy Spirit as He moves throughout the beautiful awe inspiring

National Forest.

Come and soak in His glory as you are ushered into His presence through teachings and song.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off your 4th of July!


Arrival at Half Moon Lake Lodge!


July 1st  Festivities kick off with Dinner between 5:30-7:00

Followed by your evening Speaker Donell from 7:30-10:00. The event will be outside, under the stars where we pray that God’s anointing falls onto each one of you.

Day 2- July 2nd -We will enjoy a buffet style breakfast from  7:30-9:00am. This will be an awesome time to share testimony of what God is doing in your life and share the experience that you had last night with others at your table.

Free Time has been scheduled after breakfast and before our next speaker for you to be able to fish, bike, hike, horseback ride, journal, pray,etc. The list is so long!! This really is a beautiful escape from life where you will have the chance to laugh, dream, and focus on what is important again.

Our second speaker: Louanna is sure to inspire you! She begins at 10:00am and her talents and giftings in the Lord are sure to touch your heart and lead you into a deeper relationship with Him, and to confirm what He has already been speaking to you.

Lunch 12:00-1:00. It will be served buffet style in the lodge where you can sit indoors or out on our spacious deck overlooking the lake.

It’s Free Time again!! This time it will be a little longer for those activities that you weren’t able to do sooner. This time frame will allow for a short nap because you are going to need your strength to push through with all the God has in store for you!! Plus all activities listed above will be open as well. Free time is from 1:00-3:00

Our 3rd meeting will be from  3:00-5:00 with Darryl as our next guest speaker. He is sure to bring power and insight as He brings the Word of God to us. I know this will be a time for healing and deliverance. Leave your worries some place else because there is no room for them here!!

Dinner will be served from 5:30-7:00. Again a nice buffet will be prepared for you! Just as the banquet table was prepared, we will have a chance to fellowship and eat together.

Our 4th meeting is from 7:30-10 pm and will be taught by Loleen.  Bring a jacket for the outside evening festivities as you are not going to want to miss a moment of what she brings forth for you!

July 3rd

Breakfast will be served from 7:30-9:00am

Our 5th and final meeting will be held from 9:30-11:00am and will be taught by Loleen. You will get a second dose of wisdom and the conclusion of her teaching for such a time as this. Take home inspiration, dreams, visions and hope! They will all fit nicely in your suitcase.

Check out us immediately following or stay and relax and enjoy more of what Half Moon Lake has to offer!

*pricing includes conference only. All meals, cabin accommodations, boat rentals, horseback riding, or other recreational items must be purchased separately.

We do have “meal plans” that save you money that you can purchase and you can purchase a single person bed where you will share a cabin with same gender people and be able to save money,  or bring your whole family and stay in a cabin together.

You can book everything on the website except for cabins- we have them blocked out and specifically reserved just for this event. Send me a message at and I will get you booked!


Debra Thompson
¶Debra Thompson is a gifted soprano and pianist who passionately shares her love for Jesus Christ with others.   Born with an inoperable visual impairment, Debra has been blind since birth.  She attended an elementary school for the blind but continued her upper grade studies in the regular public school…
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Darryl Thompson
Darryl Thompson is a man of truth and integrity. Through serving in the military he has a great understanding for God and Country. Through his integrity of his word he has a great understanding of the integrity of God’s word. At the young age of 11 the Lord empowered Darryl…
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Donell Thompson Garcia
Donell’s Thompson Garcia has been called from God for spiritual warfare and Intercession, she moves in the giftings of the prophetic and healing. God has led Donell to many places where she has been blessed with great friendships for God’s purposes, seeing the divine hand of God open many doors.…
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Loleen Denny
Loleen Denney is from Pinedale, Wyoming. She has been a Christian since January 1977, and has been in active ministry for over 20 years. Her passion is relaying the simple truths of God’s love, spiritual freedom, bondage breaking forgiveness, and understanding the power in the Name and Blood of Jesus.…
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Louanna Esquivel
I was born and raised in Rock Springs Wyoming. I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. I moved to Greeley Colorado in 2000. I have been married to Steve since 2003. I accepted the Lord Jesus into my heart the spring of 1985 on a Saturday and then I received…
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